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25.10.2007, 09:47

Saw 4 Ending - Vorsicht Riesen-Spoiler

Morgen (Freitag, 26.10.07) läuft in den USA nunmehr der 4. Teil von Saw an! Ich, für meinen Teil, bin ein großer Fan der Serie! Jetz ist im Internet angeblich schon das Ende vom 4. Teil aufgetaucht! Gelesen habe ich es nicht, daher weis ich nicht ob es stimmt oder nicht! Will den 4. Teil selber sehen und mich nicht spoilern lassen! Der Typ meint, er arbeitet im Kino und sie haben schon ne Kopie von dem Film bekommen und er hat mal reingeschaut! Und die Kommentare der User lassen darauf schließen dass diese Ende gar nicht so abwegig erscheint!
Na dann, wer will wirft einen Blick drauf:

  Spoiler Spoiler

I work in a cinema and the projectionists were screening the film tonight, i walked in and caught the end starting from the point where his about to put cecil though his trap.

here is what happens...its as discriptive as i could possibly be so does conatain spoilers.

Ceceil is what looks like the first of his victims as john explains his whole theory of "saving people" to him.

for this trap Jhon is in the room with him

Cecil is made to push the knifes apart in order to release the binds from his hands 7 legs, he succeeds and then threatens to kill john.

im not sure exactly how but as he walks towards him he end up in barbed wire box(looks like a prototype of the SAW1 trap) and presuably dead.

next we se an argument between John and who i presume was his wife/girlfirend about what i think was losing a baby(?) he then reveals a class box filled with broken glass(again i assume this was used earlier in the film)

next we see the woman being introgated by a male cop with blood on his shirt, he loosk to have worked out where Rigg was headed and wants the address form her.

we see Rigg arrive at the wherehouse from SAW3, he goes in and finds a card, there was a message on it but sorry i dont remeber exactly what it said.

we see the cop arrive at the building and we see the box in which rigg took the card from is empty, he hears a loud noise and heads in a different direction to rigg.

Jeff(saw3) is walking through the corridors in the wherehouse hitting the lamps, turns out he is making the hoise.

anyway next we see Det Matthews on the ice block trap with Hoffman tied to the chair besides him. there is another man in the room with them who appears to be free. it turns out he is the uy form the trap at the start, im not sure if he is in on it or not.

he explains that he really doesnt want whoever it is to come through the door.

the next few shots flick between the three heores as they walk towards the door, we dont know which one will get there first.


Jeff is nearing the door he hears a gunshot and Lynn falls out of the room, turns out the Jeff we are seeing is happening during SAW3

Rigg, bursts through the door with about a second of the 90 to go, he shoots the guy with the scar(from the trap at the begining) but has alos been shot by the man.

he thinks he has made it but he hasnt, the two ice blocks are released and Det. Matthews is (finally) killed. it looks like Hoffman is about to meet his end aswell as somthing happens to the contraption his on and water surrounds his feet.

the man who Rigg has shot reahces for somthing and rigg shoots him in the head, what he was reaching for is a tape in which Jigsaw explains that if he had of just left them they would have survived.

back to the cop who is still in the building somewhere, he comes into the room where jeff is and basically shoots Jeff straight away. (who knows what happend to his daughter)

Hoffman unties himself from the chair and walks out past rigg(I Think he may have shot him again, im not sure) anyway he does the whole game over thing and leaves Rigg for dead.

as he is walking out he walks past the entrnce to the room form the end of SAW3, he locks the cop in, presumably to die. and walks out the building.

the flash backs start with the saw music, they show that Hoffman has been in on everything form the start and basically put all the clues togeather, show a bit fo Riggs motivation for chasing Jigsaw and how Hoffman manipulated Amanda.

Ihr könnt euch unter IMDB die ganzen Kommentare anschauen wenn ihr wollt da erfahr ihr den ein oder anderen noch nützlichen Hinweis!
Viel Spaß noch und ich freu mich auf den Film!

See you on the other side - 2010-02-02 - The Beginning of the End
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